Your marketing department when resources are limited.

Rockhold Marketing is more an extension of your company than a for-hire agency. We’re passionate about small businesses. We understand and have experience in overcoming the challenges small businesses face in growing their revenues profitably. We know that getting things done is a priority, that measurable results is a must and timing is everything.

We work to help you develop plans that are practical, implement on a timeline that is achievable, and evaluate and adjust tactics to optimize success.Whether you don’t have marketing support for your company, or if you’re a few hands short of getting things done, Rockhold Marketing can fill the gap. From planning, to everyday communications execution to putting polish on what already exists, we stand ready.

Rockhold Marketing is located in Washington, Illinois, just outside of Peoria. Because we’re from small business environments, we work comfortably at all levels of a company, often virtually to minimize waits, formal meetings and travel expenses.

What clients say about us

In a pinch I needed material to take with me to a major convention, I had to explain not only my business to Rachel, but our vertical and the targeted audience (attendees of this conference). In addition, Rachel needed to know the value to the end users as they became engaged with our product. She fully understood the strategy and delivered what I needed, on-time and within budget! Rachel took care of everything including dealing with third party sources so that I could concentrate on other things. I would recommend contacting Rachel to see what she could do for you.

John Slevin, Founder , Lancaster Interactive LLC